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Home Decorating: Retro

What is retro style decorating? Anything from the past influences the wide variety of colors, textures, and objects of Retro. However, when concentrating on a Retro style theme, you should think décor from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. If you go back too far, you may hit the vintage era.

As you probably know, the 50s, 60s, and 70s were a time of lots of bright, vibrant colors and tons of different, exotic textures. Try using blends of green, yellow, red, and blue to create fun themes.

Oriental home decor style

Oriental home decor style mixes well with the modern minimalist looks. An Oriental piece can also bring the exotic element to your current home style.

Find your Oriental decor furniture, table, nightstand, desk, bench, chair, end table, cabinet, pottery, statue, and home accessory right here. Oriental home decorates comprise of various things from lamps, tables, stools to chairs. Every single item is created for its unique beauty. Being environment friendly these items have increased the popularity of Oriental decor market at a very fast pace.


For years it seemed that every designer under the sun was maximizing each room’s exposure to the sun’s rays by leaving windows starkers. But modernism has now embraced ye olde yard goods as part of the mix (especially the glamorous mix), and curtains are definitely back. Here are some tips:

Cover an entire window wall (or two) with crisp white sheers. This will not only soften the room but heighten the drama (and glamour quotient) and make the room seem more finished. It’s also the best way to handle oddly shaped or asymmetrical windows. In his Washington, D.C., living room, designer Supon Phornirunlit (NakedDecor.com) matched the art on the walls to that on the pillows, all of his own design.

Home Decorating Style

Jamie Meares of Furbish Design will be hosting a class with us this Thursday on finding your home decorating style. You may recognize Jamie from her house tour that we featured here. Check out these before and after pictures of a room she recently renovated with a budget of $500. Sign up for the class here (We are having some technical difficulties on our website though, so please pay via the paypal option in the cart or call us at 919-341-8328 to reserve your space)

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The orient decor style is very

The popular artisan crafts site the guild has had a makeover, and now it is the artful home. The website features a huge variety of different styles from artisans from around the world. I especially like their glass/crystal ware selection. They really look stunning. This blown glass Christmas ornament is just amazing.It’s probably too late for this year’s Christmas. But you should definitely check out their other beautiful artworks.Artful Home (The Guild)And if you are in the mood for some antiques, check out Galleria Pangea’s Chinese court style painting sale. The reproduction quality is great and now the price is great too. The sale ends soon, so be quick.

Home / Home Decorating

Hit the farmers’ market. You prefer buying organic and local produce whenever possible. Order online from Netgrocer.
Head for the supermarket and load up your cart.
Manage your iTunes playlist.
Troll around on eBay for bargains on vintage Fiestaware.
Whip up a batch of your famous oatmeal-raisin cookies.

Zalipie - Home decorating

This tiny village is known for houses with flowers painted on their walls. There are 20 such houses in Zalipie, with many more in the surrounding region.

The custom started at the end of the 19th century and the best known painter was Felicja Curylowa who lived from 1904 to 1974. Her farm in the village is now a museum.

The women of Zalipie have painted their houses inside and out with floral designs, and in addition, colourful paper flowers and straw spiders hang from the ceilings.

50's Home Decorating

While some of these colors and patterns may be difficult to find in modern furniture, many companies are producing 1950s-style furniture and home decor, from fabric to kitchen accessories, for those wishing to re-create the decade's style. Vinyl became the material of choice for furniture covers. Chairs, sofas and even coffee tables featured bright vinyl coverings. If you are looking for original ...

Cottage Home Decorating

Cottage Style Decorating is one of today's most popular and fun styles. Anyone can achieve this casual easy living style we call "cottage". It doesn't require a lot of time or money. You don't even have to be an interior decorating expert!

All you need is the desire to create a home that shows off your personality!

With some cheap and easy decorating ideas you can begin today to transform your home into a cottage retreat that reflects you!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Swedish interior decorating

Drawing a home with little hands and crayons is an inseparable part of our childhood. No science can make theories to explain why children around the world draw homes, surrounded with lush green garden, a blossoming lawn, a smiling sun and a river flowing alongside. It is perhaps because at every stage of our life, we continue to dream about our home. As we grow up, this idea of our dream home acquires a clear and a distinct shape. The home that we drew with our little hands becomes an important dream in our life eventually...

Home Decor Ideas Lessons

Ask any kid what his or her favorite class in school is, and you’ll almost always get the same response—lunch. Make that highlight of their day a little sweeter with these hilarious lunch bags from Etsy. With more than 80 clever designs available, you’re sure to find one perfect for any brown bag luncheon be it for children or adults. Your kids may not be as excited as you are about their heading back to school, but they’ll feel a little better about schlepping off to class when they see what you’ve packed their lunch in.

Is your interior decorating

Is your interior decorating style modern or contemporary? Is it time to remodel that bathroom and bring it up to the current era? Get rid of that 70’s tub and get your upgraded Modern Bathtub here! At Simply Bathtubs, we have a large selection of Modern Bathtubs for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your bathroom. You can find a Claw Foot Tub created in the contemporary design, or you can find Modern Bathtubs with clean lines and a very sleek appearance. No matter what type of Modern Bathtub you are looking for, with the variety of styles we have here, we are sure you can find a beautiful addition for your bathroom that will provide function and style.
Whether you are completely overhauling your old bathroom or just replacing the tub, Modern Bathtubs are a stylish way to upgrade your bathroom. There are Claw Foot Tubs with a contemporary spin or sleek built-in bathtubs that blend into your bathroom seamlessly. Modern Bathtubs come in a variety of styles, but whichever style you choose, you can be sure that your new tub will transform your bathroom into an entirely different space. You will love the difference a Modern Bathtub will make in your bathroom, making it a place you look forward to getting ready for your day or soaking away your stresses in your stylish and chic new tub.

Decorating Ideas | Asian

The peaceful and sincere designs of the Asian cultures have always enticed us for centuries. Maybe it’s the way Asian designs are so versatile, or perhaps it’s because nature is so closely involved with the furniture, murals, and other pieces.
You’ll find lots of helpful tips below if you want to create an Asian style room or room(s).

Incorporate Dramatic Colors

If you’re going for a more traditional style Chinese look, try using a bold red since it represents good luck. A nice, calm brown can also touch up the red. The Japanese enjoy utilizing natural grays and tan colors into their typically wooden furniture. A gold trim will also do most Asians designs well.

The Tuscan home decor

The Tuscan home decor style is inspired by the rolling Italian countryside, rustic farmhouse villas, beautiful Italian art, and exquisite hand painted ceramics of Tuscany. Look for the "style guide clue" tag (seen above) for helpful tips on how to decorate your home in Tuscan style.

Tuscan decorating is all about tapping into the colors & textures of nature. For inspiration, simply look outside!

Decorating any home in this charming and comfortable style is easy with Tuscan Decor's helpful decorating guides, and just the right accessories. Embark on a Tuscan decorating journey today right from your own home. Whether you seek a comfortable Tuscan kitchen perfect for entertaining, or a relaxing outdoor living space, here you'll find just the right home decorating accessories to suit your impeccable sense of style.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


A sparsely furnished environment of vaporous colors—pale blues, smoky lilacs, grayed whites—it is one of the most captivating private interiors in the city, home to one of America’s most intelligent and stylish women and her distinguished husband. The atmosphere, one fellow admirer declared, is like living in a cloud (I wish I’d thought of that). The object that held my eye was unexpectedly humble, positioned in a light-filled library alongside a bookcase filled with vellum-covered scrapbooks: a simple wood step stool, the kind of short ladder that costs around $25 in a neighborhood hardware store. Its unfinished pine frame and silvery metal fittings, however, had been thoroughly sponged with biscuit-color paint to blend with the walls and the bookcases.

Moorish home decor: Style

the Moroccan home is a palace of the imagination and a poetic harmonizing between man and the natural world. Walls borrow their hues from the earth and desert sand – muted reds and honeyed yellows. Tedelakt, the ancient technique of rendering smooth waxed surfaces using a colored limestone paste and black soap, give walls and floors all the appearance of clay ceramic. Interior structuring takes on organic shapes. Bends and arches complement geometric zellige tiles and curvilinear vases, set with fresh roses from the garden. Floaty, gossamer curtains in place of doors give a pleasing open feeling to the living space, while allowing breezes to circulate freely.

The orient decor style is very

Comparing to other home decor styles, the Oriental decorating style is simple and elegant. People who want a simplistic surrounding often choose an Oriental decor theme. Oriental decor has been popular in the west for many years. The orient decor style is very simple and pays attention to the space required. The polished wood surface, incorporated nature elements, the craftsmanship have made the Oriental Home Decor Style a popular choice even today.

Home Decor Ideas Details

If you were looking for an excuse to eat more greens, here it is. This simple and stylish salad bowl pairs a handblown glass bottom with a leaf-patterned lid. Its clear construction allows you to easily see the contents as soon as you open the fridge. The melamine lid keeps lettuce and veggies fresh in addition to pepping up the picnic or dining table.

style home décor,

When you’re choosing an interior designer whose style is French style home décor, your first decision is how authentic your want the décor to be. Some want every detail picture-perfect; while others want a hint of French in the fabrics, furniture or accessories.

Whether your idea of French style is formal or country, part of the fun is knowing where to shop and how to get the most style for your dollar. If you’re interested in antiques, then your best buy will be at auction; if style is more important than provenance, you’ll have a world of choices. My only suggestion: instead of being slavish, adapt French style to your style.

Designer Previews will show you the work of many of the finest designers of French style home décor and help you compare their styles in relation to your needs.
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